Agile Snowball


First post!

By Richard Thombs on 8/17/2014

More than 10 years ago, we created a SaaS web application using the excitingly new technologies of C# and ASP.NET backed by the less exciting but well understood SQL Server.

Unsurprisingly, technology has moved on amazingly since the first architectural decisions were made in 2003, and this blog attempts to chronicle the challenges faced and lessons learned in the effort to feed and care for the application over this large timeframe.

Some of these lessons may be appropriate for new ventures starting out with the latest & greatest that technology has to offer, while some may only been useful to those who are in a similar boat of trying to slowly move & improve their ASP.NET technology without throwing everything away and starting again.

For that reason, I've christened this blog "The Agile Snowball", to acknowledge the challenges in keeping a successful, and ever-growing web application agile enough to be able to take advantage of advancements in technology and methodology.